Changes to airspace and flight paths at Farnborough Airport

At 7am on Thursday, 27th February 2020, changes to flight paths come into effect at Farnborough Airport.

The changes will probably mean less noise impact for the majority of residents in Fleet and some in Church Crookham, but potentially more noise impact for residents and businesses underneath the designated flight paths.

Demand for flights at Farnborough Airport has increased over recent years, placing pressure on the airspace and air traffic networks (i.e. the air available for aircraft to fly in). To be able to meet this growing demand, while still operating aircraft safely, Farnborough Airport applied to expand the extent of their airspace control area. Its proposals were finally agreed by the Civil Aviation Authority in 2019, following public consultation in 2014 and a Judicial Review in 2019.

Farnborough Airport has put together a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document about the changes, which can be accessed here.

The impact of the new flight paths will be monitored closely as the new scheme takes effect. Concerned residents and businesses can access the public tracking system WebTrak. This link will be live from 27th February to enable people to monitor and investigate Farnborough aircraft movements and submit enquiries or complaints.

Complaints about flights can still be submitted via the usual system: or telephone 01252 526001

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