Join us!

Membership of the Fleet & Church Crookham Society is open to all residents and to anyone with an interest in the wellbeing of Fleet and Church Crookham. We welcome everyone with such an interest: the influence exerted in debating local issues increases with the size of our membership.

A small annual subscription is charged to cover the cost of administration, meetings and newsletters. This subscription is proposed by the Committee and confirmed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is payable on 1 January each year by standing order. It is currently £7.00 per year.

Benefits of membership

The Society offers the following benefits to members:

  • A very comprehensive newsletter issued each spring and autumn.
  • Advice on planning matters insofar as they are relevant to the Society’s terms of reference. This includes a document entitled “Planning Guidance Notes”. This is 5 pages in length and gives advice on how to object to unsuitable planning applications.
  • Occasional meetings on particular topics of current interest.
  • General advice on ways in which to deal with infrastructure problems.
  • Membership of Civic Voice and CPRE, and therefore access and advice from these organisations.

To join us download and complete a membership form and post to the address provided.