Who are we?

The Fleet and Church Crookham Society was founded in 1961 as the Fleet and Crookham Amenity Society. The Society’s initial objectives were concerned mainly with the provision, maintenance and enhancement, where possible, of amenities within the two towns. With the change of name, these objectives have now broadened to embrace the overall environment in which we live and the quality of life of all residents. In summary: we care about where we live!

The Society is a member of the Civic Voice www.civicvoice.org.uk and Hart Voluntary Action www.hartvolaction.org.uk. These are very important bodies from whom we obtain much valuable guidance, advice and assistance.

People often feel that, in this bureaucratic age, there is little that can be done to influence local affairs. Our experience shows  this need not be so.

As a member of this Society you can ensure that your voice is heard in the preparation of proposals affecting your local environment – and that of your neighbours. Join us, and ensure your voice is heard!

Our Constitution

Originally adopted in 1975, the FCCS constitution has been update from time to time. The latest revision was in April 2016 and is available for download here.