What we do

As well as being concerned with the provision of amenities, the Fleet & Church Crookham Society is very much involved with planning matters, the revitalisation of the town centre, and the provision of services, such as education, public transport and healthcare.

Visit our activity log and blog for a taster of what we have been up to recently.

Much of our work involves monitoring the activities of the parish and town councils, Hart District Council and, to a lesser extent, Hampshire County Council. We attend parish and town council planning meetings, some Hart District Council standing committee meetings, monitor planning and leisure proposals, and comment or discuss our concerns with our elected councillors. These tasks are very necessary, since the effective operation of local government is vital to almost every aspect of life in the two towns.

People often feel that, in this bureaucratic age, there is little that can be done to influence local affairs. Our experience shows  this need not be so. We have a wide range of contacts with local councillors and like-minded organisations which means we can influence the development of our environment.

The Society also takes an active interest in regional planning, local planning inquiries and appeals, development of recreational and sporting facilities, car parking and traffic problems and road safety. We attend public meetings where important local issues are discussed. We liaise with other, like-minded organisations in matters of mutual concern.