Another 196 flats are being built in Fleet with absolutely no need for planning permission and no monetary contribution to infrastructure at all

On Ancell’s Farm in Fleet, five office blocks are being turned into 196 flats, 151 of them with just 1 bedroom:

Technology House: 49 flats (37 1-bed, 12 2-bed)

Pioneer House: 33 (28 1-bed, 5 2-bed)

Fleet House: 55 (42 1-bed, 13 2-bed)

Oak House: 45 (36 1-bed, 82-bed, 1 3-bed)

Teksys House: 14 (8 1-bed, 6 2-bed)

Hart District Council’s Housing Market Model indicates that between 2011 and 2031 we need 60% of new homes to have three or more bedrooms to fulfil our housing needs:



The bottom line is that office conversions = many flats with NO need for planning permission + little/no amenity + £0 contribution to infrastructure.

On the other hand a new settlement = planned housing delivery, of the right type of homes to meet the needs of a mixed community + many £ Millions for infrastructure where it’s needed.

We urge you to respond to Hart District Council’s housing consultation and to rank the options as:

  • First preference: Approach 3 – New Settlement
  • Second preference: Approach 1 – Disperse throughout towns and villages
  • Least preferred: Approach 2 – Strategic Urban Extensions at main settlements


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