Transport in Hart Bus Survey – 30th November deadline

Transport in Hart is a group founded to establish whether there are ways of increasing the amount of road passenger transport available and to see if there are better ways of integrating buses, trains and Community Transport in the district. The group includes the 21 Town and Parish Councils in Hart, along with the seven Voluntary Care Groups and the current Community Transport operators.

If Hampshire County Council’s current proposals to cut their service budgets remain unaltered, the Stagecoach bus service Nos 7, as an example, could be at risk from as early as 1 April 2018. In addition the withdrawal of all subsidy for Community Transport would affect Crondall and Ewshot Link, Fleet Link, the Hartley Wintney Community Bus and Yelabus.

There may be ways of creating more Community Transport operations to help alleviate the loss of bus routes, but people would not be able to use bus passes and the services may not be so frequent. Transport in Hart is running a short online survey to help understand the needs of the community, so that they can explore what options may be available. The survey is open until Thursday 30 November and is available here.