Hart District Council’s housing consultation isn’t about brownfield vs greenfield development

Hart District Council has re-launched the Consultation that had to be withdrawn in January because of incorrect wording in one of the questions.

The consultation seeks to obtain views as to where to build several thousand new houses that are needed to meet Hart’s demand (in addition to the 4600 houses that have already been built or received planning permission since 2011).

This isn’t about brownfield vs greenfield: Hart Council already has a brownfield-first policy to use up previously developed land before developing on countryside greenfield land. In the event that the supply of brownfield is exhausted or is not available to meet demand, the Council wants to know residents’ preferred approach:

  • Disperse housing on greenfield land across the towns and villages throughout the district (Approach 1)
  • Provide housing by developing greenfield land at the edges of Fleet and Hook (Approach 2)
  • Provide housing by developing greenfield land centred around Winchfield railway station (Approach 3)

Our website covers this topic in lots of detail! For a quick guide on how to ensure your voice is heard visit our response page.

Although the consultation runs until 4pm on Friday 18 March, answering the two compulsory questions only takes a couple of minutes….why not do it now?