Hart’s housing consultation: the choice we need to make

Just to be clear, the Hart Housing Consultation is not about whether to build on brownfield (previously developed) or greenfield land. Brownfield is automatically Hart District Council’s first choice. (In fact, a developer can convert any office building to housing without even needing to obtain planning permission.)

The current consultation is simply which combination of three greenfield approaches should be used to meet the shortfall when the brownfield land supply is exhausted.

Comparisons between the 2001 and 2011 census data are being quoted to show Fleet has grown by over 2,000 dwellings in that period. This data says that only 19 houses have been built in Church Crookham! In fact, the massive development site at Queen Elizabeth Barracks where 1,100 homes are being built proves of how out of date this census data is, and how misleading it is to use it.

Since the 2011 census another 2, 000 houses have been built or have been granted permission to be built in Fleet and Church Crookham. That’s a massive number of houses in Fleet and Church Crookham, with many hundreds still to be built or from office conversions.

This is why we say Fleet & Church Crookham are full and the existing infrastructure is at or beyond capacity, and why we urge residents of Hart to make a new, carefully thought-through, settlement at Winchfield their favoured option for delivering new houses.

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