The story of Fleet & Church Crookham Society and the decapitated horses’ heads!

The Fleet & Church Crookham Society has been supporting the quality of life for residents in Fleet and Church Crookham since 1961 (when it was founded under the name Fleet & Crookham Amenity Society). We were reminded of this this week when the Basingstoke Canal Society Winter 2015 newsletter published excerpts from its very first newsletter in January 1967, which included the following item:

“Fleet & Crookham Amenity Society have been clearing out rubbish in their area [of the canal]. Several choice objects have been removed, including a telephone, a brand new lavatory pan and a sack of decaying horses’ heads. Obviously a wide section of the population has found one use for the canal – although of course the mentality of such persons is to be questioned, and dumping can only lead to decay of the waterways.”

Our more recent litter picks have, thankfully, not yielded such an unpleasant discovery, and it is through volunteer-led action like this that we aim to improve the areas where we live.

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