7 days left to have your say on housing

We are in the final 7 days of Hart District Council’s consultation Refined Options for Delivering New Homes. This asks residents to respond on the strategy and placement of new homes in the district. Whatever your viewpoint, we encourage you to respond to the consultation as your view will influence future housing in Hart. The … Read more

Hampshire Library Service consultation

Hampshire County Council is seeking residents’ views on how Hampshire’s Library Service can be transformed and modernised to meet the changing needs of people in the 21st century. This public consultation invites feedback on proposals set out in the draft Library Strategy, which looks to develop a sustainable and vibrant Library Service for people who … Read more

Another 196 flats are being built in Fleet with absolutely no need for planning permission and no monetary contribution to infrastructure at all

On Ancell’s Farm in Fleet, five office blocks are being turned into 196 flats, 151 of them with just 1 bedroom: Technology House: 49 flats (37 1-bed, 12 2-bed) Pioneer House: 33 (28 1-bed, 5 2-bed) Fleet House: 55 (42 1-bed, 13 2-bed) Oak House: 45 (36 1-bed, 82-bed, 1 3-bed) Teksys House: 14 (8 … Read more

Many local groups agree that a new settlement is the only viable solution for delivering Hart’s housing needs

You may have seen lot more discussion about Hart District Council’s​ housing consultation in the past few days. This ‘downtime’ between Christmas and New Year provides an ideal time to read around the topic and decide how you will respond to the consultation. Many community groups and (non-political) Parish council & community organisations are united … Read more

Hart’s housing consultation: the choice we need to make

Just to be clear, the Hart Housing Consultation is not about whether to build on brownfield (previously developed) or greenfield land. Brownfield is automatically Hart District Council’s first choice. (In fact, a developer can convert any office building to housing without even needing to obtain planning permission.) The current consultation is simply which combination of … Read more

We’ve been busy!

We’ve been busy bees at the Fleet & Church Crookham Society in recent weeks – and we’ve finally had a moment to update our activities log! Take a look and see what we’ve been up to. Several members of our committee assisted with Fleet Festivities this year: a popular annual event to mark the start … Read more

Fleet Act of Remembrance

Today we took part in the Royal British Legion Fleet, Crookham & District Branch’s Acts of Remembrance at Church Crookham and at Fleet. Our Chairman, Dave Bentley, laid a wreath on behalf of the Fleet & Church Crookham Society, at the Gurkha Square War Memorial in Fleet. Meanwhile, other members of the committee assisted with … Read more